NFT Gallery App (by Tamashi)

NFT Gallery App is an NFT display mobile app by @tamashi_papa from Japan.

The NFT Gallery App project (by Tamashi) has been a member of the LUNC Project Incubator at since November 23, 2023.

NFT Gallery App aims to bring the culture of enjoying NFT to the world of Terra Classic.

This is a mobile app created with the concept of having fun viewing your favorite NFTs that you have collected.

There is no need to connect a wallet, and by entering the owner address and contract address, NFT information will be obtained from the blockchain and the NFT image will be displayed on the app.

Therefore, it is possible to view NFTs owned by friends, and the aim is to create a culture of enjoying NFTs on Terra Classic.

In the future, I plan to evolve it into a management tool that will enable wallet connection and allow NFT transactions.



Terra Classic Investor / NFT Gallery App Developer / Developer of the bot running on 𝕏

NFT Gallery App

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