LUNC Staking Rewards Calculator

This is a Staking Rewards and Commision Calculator for calculating #LUNC staking rewards from

It will calculate for you:

  • annual, monthly and daily staking rewards of the Delegator
  • annual, monthly and daily profit (commision) of your Validator

So it can be used not only by delegators, but also by validators.


You enter 3 input values into this calculator:

1.Current APR for validators with 0% commission:

  • in this example it is 13.38%
    (You can find this number, for example, on the website – Sort validators by the smallest “Fee” and then see the APR column for validators whose “Fee” is 0%)

2. Current commission of your validator:

  • in this example it is 5%

3. Delegated amount:

  • in this example it is 1 million LUNC

We will be happy if you decide to stake with our Validator.