LUNC Project Incubator

The LUNC Project Incubator is a FREE unique “service” that helps spread public awareness of your Terra Classic project and gives it room – “Incubator” to grow. This activity is primarily aimed at supporting the growth of start-up and small LUNC Projects.

LUNC Project Incubator helps individual new LUNC projects and encourages cooperation and networking with other people.

How does it work?

This system consists of three groups of actors:
3P = Provider + Projects + Partners

The Project is an applicant for the free “LUNC Project Incubator” service, the Provider (Luna Classic Labs) evaluates the current status and future potential of this project, and if the request is approved, the free service will start and the Project will receive support with the help of the Provider and the network of Partners.

Luna Classic Labs

  • the “Provider” is Luna Classic Labs – we are the main guarantor of the “LUNC Project Incubator“, and we acts voluntarily and without the right to profit
  • we ensure the collection of requests for support from Projects and requests for cooperation from Partners
  • we work closely with the Projects, communicate, evaluate the risks and potential of the Projects and provide long-term free marketing or financial support as long as it is needed
  • in coordination with the Projects, we publish updates and articles about the progress of the Project in order to build a good reputation (*The Project does not lose its right to its own self-promotion and communication with the public.)
  • on the website we keep information about all Projects
  • at the same time, we acquire Partners who can voluntarily actively participate in Projects or they can help spread information about the Projects or about Luna Classic Labs activities
  • Luna Classic Labs is the administrator of the small closed communication Telegram group “LUNC Project Incubator”, which is intended for communication between the Provider, Projects and Partners
  • this group is divided into topics according to individual projects, so all partners and projects can freely communicate with each other in a closed space
  • the only “profit” of the Provider is that our Projects and Partners also spread the good name of Luna Classic Labs in a reasonable way, thanks to which we expect the number of our followers, Projects and Partners to grow
  • the funding of the Provider’s activities are only from the founder’s personal resources, validator profit and voluntary donors / sponsors

individual or small group

  • Project” is an entity that builds its own project for the Terra Classic blockchain and requests the free “LUNC Project Incubator service” from the Provider – Luna Classic Labs
  • every Project needs an increase in awareness and public popularity as well as other forms of support (networking, developers, funding…)
  • Project receives support from Luna Classic Labs or the Partners
  • Project members adequately communicates and cooperates with other actors in a closed communication group (LUNC Project Incubator)
  • The project performs “under the flag” of the Provider (Luna Classic Labs) and publicly states this fact in an appropriate way during the entire partnership period (However, “The Project” does not become the property of Luna Classic Labs.)
  • a list of all Projects supported by Luna Classic Labs is published on the website

network of our partners

  • Partners” are our voluntary members who want to contribute to the spread of positive information regarding the progress of our Projects or are technically capable of voluntarily participating and helping individual projects in any activity
  • a Partner can be an “individual person” (developer, validator, influencer, supporter, sponsor…) – anyone who wants to do “something” to make the Terra Classic ecosystem thrive and has some technical skills, or enough marketing reach
  • our Partners can voluntarily actively participate in the any Projects to any extent, and they can actively communicate with each other, provide valuable advice and help each other in other ways
  • if it is possible, the Partner gets the opportunity for mutual marketing support from the Provider in an appropriate way
  • Partners can be part of a closed communication group (LUNC Project Incubator) where the Provider, Projects and Partners meet

3P – The Golden Triangle?

Provider (Luna Classic Labs), Projects and Partners meet together and work together in a closed communication group with the aim of networking and mutual support, where everyone can freely spread their thoughts and ideas.

We believe that the combination of 3P (Provider, Projects, Partners) creates a unique “golden triangle“, in which all participating actors benefit in a certain way:

1. Provider (Luna Classic Labs) gets popularity, followers, Projects, Partners and delegators for their own Terra Classic Validator –

2. Projects receive support, increasing awareness, the number of followers, users and a safe space for the development of their ideas…

3. Partners get the opportunity to participate in the development of the ecosystem or in the popularization of the Terra Classic blockchain and Projects. Partners can also receive marketing support from Luna Classic Labs.

And we believe that the biggest winner is the LUNC community…

Start building LUNC:

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